Hero: team

My Team

In the beginning of my (but may be for every other) startup one of first question is who will be with me? Who will support my idea? Who will be a part of my team?

Yes, I know a first recommendation is to look around of you to your family, your friends, your colleques. In my case I have a luck because I don’t need to search for a long time. I have actially everytime around me: it’s my family. I explain it now.

A MVT (minimum viable team) needs at least 2 person: hacker and hustler, sometimes 3 (what more better): plus hipster. And… at last there is one more additional very important person in team: accelerator.

Hacker is the rather introverted nerd with the ability to develop novel technologies, to bring innovations, ideas, visions. Okay, it’s me.

Hustler is who finds the right way to sale the product and build partnerships.

Hipster is the designer and creative genius. Ensures that the final product takes shape and is cooler than anything else out there.

Accelerator brings everything in move, takes care about organisational processes, it is a kind of “ass-kicker” in team.

And I have a great luck to have all of these persons in my family! It is really a perfect match, isn’t?

Hero: team

In the beginning

Hi, it is my first story for you…